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Plastic, waxed cardboard, polystyrene and styrofoam packaging statistics around the world are confronting, with too much waste, too many unrecyclable materials and not enough of a focus on performance and quality.

  • Globally mankind is producing twice as much plastic waste as two decades ago, with the bulk of it ending up in landfill, incinerated or leaking into the environment, with only 9% successfully recycled.

  • There is now an estimated 30 million tonnes of plastic waste in seas and oceans, and a further 109 million tonnes accumulated in rivers.

  • Polystyrene is a major component of land and marine litter, with an average of 182.6 pieces of plastic or polystyrene turning up on every 100m of beach surveyed by the Marine Conservation Society.

  • Paper and cardboard make up 17% of the global waste generated – the second-highest amount after food and green waste.

  • Of 1.1m tonnes of plastic packaging placed on the market last year, only 179,000 tonnes (16%) were recovered.

  • Australia recycles just 16% of plastic packaging.

  • About 4% of soft plastics, commonly used for food packaging, were being recycled in Australia despite it being the most lethal consumer plastic for ocean wildlife.

All data from 2021 APCO report, 2022 OECD report, The World Bank and
Fidra environmental charity


Environmentally sustainable packaging that is commercially viable.
Benefits and features of Unicor include:


100% Closed Loop Recyclable

 designed to save millions of tonnes of harmful products such as waxed cardboard and polystyrene, from entering landfill each year.

Made of Natural Materials

Up to 70% Calcium Carbonate composition, reducing the prevalance of polystyrene and cardboard waste 


Flat-pack design

Save on space to reduce warehousing and freight costs


80% lower CO2 emissions

typically over the product life cycle than conventional packaging 


Reduced Food Waste

The strength advantage of Unicor prevents crushing, moisture loss and degradation in supply chain

PFAS Free Certified

Reducing the continuation of these harmful chemicals entering the environment

Interested in packaging solutions for your business?

Unicor® is the World's first commercially viable non-paper, waterproof, closed loop recyclable and corrugated packaging solution.

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