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Disruptive Packaging wins APCO Awards 2022

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Sam Andersen (APCO Chair), Evan Penn (Disruptive Packaging Director), Pedro Demartini (Disruptive Packaging Head of Global Solutions Marketing & Sales), Chris Foley (APCO CEO)

The APCO Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier industry segment Awards recognise businesses that implement best practice approaches to sustainable packaging design, and demonstrate industry leadership and a commitment to sustainability education.

Finalists and winners were selected based on their performance in sustainable packaging design, recycling initiatives and product stewardship programs to develop sustainable supply chains.

In recognition for developing a sustainable and unique packaging solution, Unicor®, Disruptive Packaging have won the key Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier industry segment award for 2022.

Unicor® is made from up to 70% natural earth materials, is closed loop ready and an ideal replacement to many single use packaging materials such as waxed cardboard and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

APCO CEO Chris Foley said, “Disruptive Packaging took home the Industry Sector Award for our Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier category this year due to the determination the company has shown to develop more sustainable packaging solutions. A particular standout is the development of Disruptive’s Unicor packaging - which boasts a high level of recycled content, full recoverability through Unicor's collection service and aims to replace conventional carton formats. Well done Disruptive Packaging."

Disruptive Packaging Joint CEO Wendy Penn said, “We’re thrilled to have won a key 2022 Industry Sector Award (Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier) from the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and to be a part of the Packaging Revolution.”

Read the report below to learn more about how we're assisting consumers, the government, and businesses to work together more effectively:

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