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Winner of 2021 Worldstar Packaging Awards

Disruptive Packaging was announced as a winner among over 341 entries from 35 countries around the globe. WorldStars are presented only to those packages which, having already won recognition in a national competition, are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packages from around the world. Awards are based on the judges' consensus that a package is superior in its own right and better in its class in execution or innovation by comparison.

This competition has been run by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) since 1970 and is a major event seeing entrants from around the world competing for titles that show the advancement of packaging design and technology, setting new standards in international packaging excellence and industry standards.

The organisation states: “The objective of WPO in organising WorldStar is to increase awareness on the importance of packaging in having a better life and to recognize the innovation and efforts of brand owners, designers, students and branding agencies for creating packaging solutions of the future and in responding to new challenges and global trends such as sustainability, hygiene and other trends.” Read more here: Award announcement at Worldstar Packaging Awards website



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