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How Disruptive Packaging is replacing EPS for the Seafood Industry

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

An interview with Yanni Kailis of Disruptive and Veronica Papacosta, the CEO of Seafood Industry Australia discussing Unicor's transformation of the seafood industry particularly in replacing the EPS foam box.

Yanni comes from a family with an illustrious reputation in Australia's seafood industry which dates back almost a century, from humble beginnings to running some of the country's most successful seafood businesses with diverse experience in seafood processing, wholesale distribution and retail. After years of looking for a sustainable and commercially viable alternative to EPS for his own seafood business, he finally found a suitable fit after trialling Unicor. Globally, the world produces over 15 million tonnes of EPS a year with less than 10% recycled. With Unicor, Yanni discusses how it's managed to not only align better with fisheries and particularly aquacultures who are always pushing for more sustainable practices but also the benefits they've experienced with improved freight efficiencies, warehousing, handling and circularity.

We thank Seafood Industry Australia for the interview and continued support of Disruptive Packaging in promoting our environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solutions among their followers within the Australian seafood industry.



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